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5. Result list

Contents of the result list

The results of your search are initially displayed, in tabular form, as a result list.

Note: The maximum number of results that can be displayed in the result list is 10,000. If the number of results exceeds 10,000, the 10,000 documents displayed in the result list are a random selection of all the matches returned.

Your search terms are shown in bold and highlighted in the selected text fields of the result list.

You can further reduce or refine the number of documents contained in the result list by replacing or deleting documents belonging to a patent family . As a consequence, only one document per patent family will be displayed.

For performing the operation "Replace family members", all documents of the respective patent family are taken as a basis irrespective of your search query. If the button "Remove family members" is selected, only those documents resulting from your search query will be considered.

The following table shows the order on which the selection is based:

German user interface   English user interface  
1. DE / Code C#   1. WO 
2. DE / B#  2. EP / B# 
3. DE / T#  3. EP / A# 
4. DD / C#  4. US / B# 
5. DD / B#  5. US / E# 
6. DD / A#  6. US / A# 
7. DD / T#  7. JP / AA 
8. DE / A#  8. GB / C# 
9. DE / U#  9. GB / B# 
10. DD / U#  10. GB / A# 
11. WO  11. KR / AA 
12. EP / B#  12. FR / B# 
13. EP / A#  13. FR / A# 
14. AT / B#  14. DE / C#  
15. CH / B#  15. DE / B# 
16. AT / A#  16. DD / C# 
17. CH / A#  17. DD / B# 
18. AT / U#  18. DD / A# 
19. US / B#  19. DD / T# 
20. US / E#  20. DE / A# 
21. US / A#  21. DE / U# 
22. JP / AA  22. DD / U# 
23. GB / C#  23. AT / B# 
24. GB / B#  24. CH / B# 
25. GB / A#  25. AT / A# 
26. KR / AA  26. CH / A# 
  27. AT / U# 

Result list configuration
In the search forms and on the result list you have the option to customise your result list in the section below the button "Hide result list configuration": Tick the check boxes which correspond to the columns to be displayed on your result list.
You can choose the following columns: "Publication number", "Application date", "Publication date", "IPC main class", "IPC secondary /index classes","CPC", "Reclassified IPC (MCD)", "Search file IPC", "Inventor", "Applicant/Owner", "Title", "Abstract" and "Sequence listings".
The columns "Publication number" is set by default. Your selected result list configuration will be stored for the next time you log into DEPATISnet .

Opening PDF documents
A file symbol displayed in the result list will show you whether a document is available in PDF. Click on this symbol to open this document.

For publications containing country code "DE", "DD","EP" or "WO" in the publication number,you can choose between documents in Image PDF and text PDF formats.

Original document:
After selecting a PDF file, you have a choice of two document views:

1. The page-by-page display of a full document in the original layout.
The number of the pages of the document is displayed at the top left corner. Use the navigation buttons to move from page to page.

2. The complete display of a document without page-by-page restriction.
Click the link "Load full document" in the top line to display the complete document.

Please note that the original documents fed into DEPATISnet before the 24th calendar week are available as image file (TIFF) only but not as searchable text.

A separate PDF text document ("Searchable text") is available for these documents.

Searchable text:
You will have the complete document contents displayed, prepared for full text searching.
No drawings are displayed in the text PDF documents. Use the search function to find specific words.
You can save or print this version just like the original document.

Patent family search:
You can start a patent family search with respect to a specific result in the column "Patent family search".

Result list and save results

To save the result list click the link "Download result list".

You can choose between the formats CSV and XLS to save the result list. To get a clear layout it is advisable to save the result list in an Excel file. Please note that only the file created last can be saved.

During the saving process, hyperlinks will be created for the original document as well as the searchable text.

You can download the original documents of results or result lists as a zip file in PDF format.

It is advisable to first select the relevant results and then download the result list displayed and save it. Please note that the download of PDF documents is limited to 100.

In all available download options of results or result lists, the respective search string is also indicated always. For XLS and CSV formats, the search string is displayed in the first line of the file for a PDF document it is displayed as an additional txt file in the zip archive.

If you have edited a result list after the actual search query, for example, by clicking "Remove patent family members" or "Replace patent family members", this will also be displayed in the search string.
How the search string is displayed depends on the chosen search mode:
Beginner's mode and Expert mode = Expert search syntax
Ikofax = Ikofax syntax
Family = DokID (document identification)

Portioning of the result list

You can select from the dropdown list "Results/Page" the number of results per page - between 25 and 250. Within the result list, you can go to the previous and next page and jump to the first and last page of the result list.
The total number of results will be displayed. The number of results that can be displayed in the result list is limited to a maximum of 10,000. If the number of results exceeds 10,000, the 10,000 documents in the result list are a random selection of the all the results returned.
The result list is arranged - by default - in the order of the publication number (country codes in ascending order, numbers in descending order).


For a better overview, the bibliographic data or documents opened last are highlighted in colour in the result list.

Navigation within the result list

Near the bottom of the result list you will find the following buttons for navigation:

|<   Jump to top of list 
<   Previous page 
Next page 
>|   Jump to end of list 

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