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3. Search

PIZ support

Are you unsure how to formulate a search query on the search form or develop a search strategy? If you do not have any prior experience with patent searches, the mode "PIZ support", integrated into DEPATISnet, is the easiest way to get started.

The DPMA in cooperation with the patent information centres (PIZ) offers two different support options:

Assisted search

Start your patent search by formulating your question in plain language and entering it in the field provided for this purpose. If your text exceeds the field size you can navigate within the input field using the vertical scroll bar. You can also use the arrow and navigation keys of the keyboard.

Select a German patent information centre from the listbox below the input field.

Type in your details as completely as possible. Please also indicate your fax number if you wish to receive the answer by fax.

At the bottom of the search form you will find two buttons:

  Use the "Submit query" button for submitting your request. 
  Press the "Reset" button to reset the search form with their initial values. 

After a short while, experts at the patent information centres will give you assistance. If necessary, additional chargeable services may be provided.

The interactive "Info-Lotse" service - your personal online search support
The interactive "Info-Lotse" is an individual online service provided by the patent information centres (PIZ). By giving search support, a PIZ expert will assist the customer in performing a fast, efficient and comprehensive search within DEPATISnet. The joint search starts via a virtual meeting point. The special feature is that the screens of the expert and the customer display the same content. The customer interested in the search can watch on his/her own computer how the PIZ expert develops a search strategy in the Internet database or a PIZ expert, like a pilot ("Lotse") in the harbour, will guide the customer to correctly perform a search. Patent classes, contents of databases and search queries are explained interactively and individually. While co-browsing, the results of the search can be discussed by phone and further advice can be provided. Search strategy and search results become transparent and comprehensible. Since this is an individual service, it is subject to a fee. More information is available at

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