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1. Introduction

Welcome to DEPATISnet !

DEPATISnet , the German Patent Information System on the Internet, is provided by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA). It allows to perform online searches for the state of the art published in patent literature from all over the world, contained in the DEPATIS data archive. The DPMA provides patent information for the public and for the work of its examiners. The DEPATIS patent information system was developed to reduce the flood of paper documents and to keep data volumes manageable. The system makes searches considerably easier for examiners and external searchers.

In order to make the information contained in the DEPATIS system accessible to a larger group of people, DEPATISnet was created, an interface for linking the DEPATIS system with the Internet, and a corresponding Internet search client was established. Via the Internet service DEPATISnet the DPMA has extended the user group and can fulfil its publication duty. Professional and casual searchers can search in the DEPATIS data via DEPATISnet .

Technical Requirements

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