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1. Introduction

Welcome to DEPATISnet!

DEPATISnet, the German Patent Information System on the Internet, is provided by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA). It allows to perform online searches for the state of the art published in patent literature from all over the world, contained in the DEPATIS data archive. The German Patent and Trade Mark Office provides patent information for the public and for the work of its examiners. The DEPATIS patent information system was developed to reduce the flood of paper documents and to keep data volumes manageable. The system makes searches considerably easier for examiners and external searchers.

In order to make the information contained in the DEPATIS system accessible to a larger group of people, DEPATISnet was created, an interface for linking the DEPATIS system with the Internet, and a corresponding Internet search client was established. Via the Internet service the DPMA has extended the user group and can fulfil its publication duty. Professional and casual searchers can search in the DEPATIS data via DEPATISnet.


The DEPATISnet online service of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office is constantly being updated. The data displayed here presents the current state of the databases of the DEPATIS information system. Due to the large amount of data errors or omissions cannot be entirely excluded.
The German Patent and Trade Mark Office cannot accept responsibility for errors and omissions of the data provided within the scope of this service. Furthermore, the German Patent and Trade Mark Office cannot guarantee that the data provided within the scope of this service do not conflict with the rights of third parties.
The German Patent and Trade Mark Office reserves the right to amend, extend or restrict, in full or in part, at any time without notice, this service with regard to form, use, operating mode and contents within the limits imposed by the law.

Bibliographic data

The bibliographic data found by means of a search (for example: title, applicant, application date) will not be fully displayed on the date of publication. The full record will be available, as a rule, about one to two weeks later, since the data will be loaded from several sources.

The bibliographic data exclusively reflect the status valid at the time of publication of the respective document. DEPATISnet does not provide any information on changes that may have occurred or on the actual legal status at the time of search.
This information is available in the databases of the respective national/regional authority.

Where to obtain up to date legal status information:
Please use the DPMAregister information system regarding documents found that have been issued by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DE).
The European Patent Office offers the "European Patent Register" service.

Search modes

DEPATISnet offers five different search options:

It provides the most important search criteria in the corresponding input fields.

The expert mode helps you creating complex queries. Here you can use all defined search criteria in an input field or build long and complex search queries using Boolean Operators.

In this mode the experienced users can construct their queries in the IKOFAX search language IKOFAX-Messanger - the internal query language of the DEPATIS patent information system - and submit them to the system.

The DPMA in cooperation with the patent information centres (PIZ) offers two different support options: a. the assisted search; b. the interactive "Info-Lotse" service.

In this search mode you can find out whether a patent family exists for a specific patent. This search can also be performed in the other search modes: Click on the "Search" button in the "Patent family search" column of the result list.

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