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6. Document Display

When you have identified relevant documents during your search in DEPATISnet, the following display options are provided:

Bibliographic data

Clicking the underlined publication number in the result list will open the screen "Bibliographic data". This page contains detailed information, for example, details on the applicant or applicants or on the filing date.

Determining citing documents

A list of the citing patent documents can be displayed via the link "Determine documents" on the bibliographic data screen.
As the number of citing documents may increase over time, the stock of data will be checked on a daily basis each time the link "Determine documents" is clicked and the data record will be reloaded.

Display of the complete document page by page

Click on the PDF icon in the column "Original document" of the result list to view the complete document page by page in the original layout.
For this purpose, you need the AdobeReader plugin for your browser.
At the top left you will find the page number and the following buttons for navigating the document:

|<   First page of document 
<   Previous page 
Next page 
>|   Last page of document 

Selecting a specific document part - the so-called sub-documents - in the horizontal link bar will take you directly to the first page of the following document parts:

Full display of a document

To load the full document without page-by-page restriction please follow these instructions:

You can then navigate to the next or previous full document with the >> or << symbol.
You can also switch to the first or last full document with the l<< or >>l symbol.

We recommend loading the full document to save or print the complete document.
In the page-by-page view you have to save or print each individual page separately.

Navigate between documents

The PDF single page display allows you to go to the first page of the next document or previous document on the result list, by using the << and >> buttons.
If no PDF file exists for the following or previous document, you will get a corresponding message. In this case you have the option of viewing the bibliographic data of the current document instead of the PDF file, by clicking on the link "here" in the message. As an alternative you can view the bibliographic data. Please click "here".
You can navigate between documents only in the result list from where you initiated the original PDF display. If you leave the PDF window open and perform a new search, which leads to a new result list, and then choose one of the << or >> buttons in the PDF window, you will get an error message, stating that the result list has probably changed so that it is not possible to navigate between documents.
You can get a quick overview of the drawings of a documents with the 1x1, 2x2 and 3x2 symbol, which are, of course, significantly smaller than the original pages.

Download results (PDF)

To download several documents at once you can use the function Download results (PDF).

After a search, you can tick the boxes in the field Selection of the result list to identify the documents that you want to include in the selection.

After having ticked all relevant documents, press the button Show selection below the result list.

Click on PDF to the right of Download results to start the actual download.

In the following dialog, you can choose a directory in which the files should be saved.

Display quality

Different types of resolution - 100 dpi, 150 dpi and 300 dpi - are available to you for viewing and printing documents. Please note that downloading pages in 300 dpi resolution is time-consuming (increased data volume).

You have found errors in DEPATISnet (eg. missing pages in a document or incomplete bibliographic data)?
You can report missing or incorrect data via e-mail by clicking the "Report error" button.

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