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2. General help

You wish to perform searches for patent information within the data of the DEPATISnet. For this purpose, a range of options are available to you, provided you meet the necessary technical requirements.

On the start page, click on the "Search" (top left) to open the "Search" screen which contains information on the different search modes. Here you select the search form of your choice by clicking on the relevant link - for example "Beginner".

Data coverage:
You will get an overview on the contents of the DEPATIS search database by countries and database fields: Table "Data coverage".

You have no experience of searching for patent data?
In that case use the Beginner's mode.

This mode provides a search form with input fields where you can enter the search criteria relevant for your search. For all input fields the "AND" operator will be applied. This means that the search returns only those results that match all the terms of your search at the same time.

You are familiar with patent data?
Use the Expert mode. You can construct complex queries, exactly following the syntax. The Expert mode provides various operators and wildcards for this purpose.

You need information about publication numbers?
More information about patent documents of Germany and foreign countries are available in German language only: DPMAinformativ Nr. 3 IPIA "Informationen über Patentdokumente des In- und Auslands".

You are familiar with patent data and know how to use the IKOFAX Messenger query language?
Use the IKOFAX mode. You can construct complex queries by exactly following the IKOFAX syntax.

You do not know whether and, if so, which patent families exist for a patent?
You can find out in the "Patent family" search mode whether a patent family exists for a specific publication number. Another option of searching for patent families is provided in the other search modes: On the basis of a search, a result list is displayed; click on the "Search" button in the "Patent family search" column of the result list.

You do not know how to write your search query in the search form?
The "PIZ support" search mode (PIZ = Patent information centre) offers two different support options:
A. the assisted search or B. the interactive "Info-Lotse" service.
The experts of a patent information centre will give you assistance; if necessary, additional chargeable services are available.

The results of each search are presented in the result list. This is a short overview of the contents of your search result:

Your search terms are shown in bold and highlighted in the selected text fields of the result list.

For the display of the result list you can tick the following check boxes provided on the search form:

The criteria displayed will help you to decide for which document you wish to view further data. The result list provides the option of conducting a family search and viewing PDF documents.

10,000 is the maximum number of results (hits) to be displayed in a result list. If your search returns more than 10,000 results, the total number of results (total hits) will be displayed. Up to 10,000, these two numbers are identical.
For detailed information go to result list.

Please note that the search query times out after the maximum period of time.

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