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Dokument US000005602962A (Seiten: 8)

Bibliografische Daten Dokument US000005602962A (Seiten: 8)
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54 Titel TI [EN] Mobile radio set comprising a speech processing arrangement
71/73 Anmelder/Inhaber PA PHILIPS CORP, US
22/96 Anmeldedatum AD 07.09.1994
21 Anmeldenummer AN 30213994
Anmeldeland AC US
Veröffentlichungsdatum PUB 11.02.1997
Priorität PRC
51 IPC-Hauptklasse ICM G10L 3/02
51 IPC-Nebenklasse ICS
IPC-Zusatzklasse ICA
IPC-Indexklasse ICI
Gemeinsame Patentklassifikation CPC H04R 1/406
H04R 2430/23
H04R 3/005
MCD-Hauptklasse MCM G10L 15/20 (2006.01)
MCD-Nebenklasse MCS G10L 21/0208 (2013.01)
H04B 7/26 (2006.01)
H04R 1/40 (2006.01)
H04R 3/00 (2006.01)
MCD-Zusatzklasse MCA
57 Zusammenfassung AB [EN] A speech processing arrangement has at least two microphones for supplying microphone signals formed by speech components and noise components to microphone signal branches that are coupled to an adder device used for forming a sum signal. The microphone signals are delayed and weighted by weight factors in the microphone signal branches. The arrangement includes an evaluation circuit that a) receives the microphone signals, b) estimates the noise components, c) estimates the speech components by forming the difference between one of the microphone signals and the estimated noise component for this microphone signal, d) selects one of the microphone signals as a reference signal which contains a reference noise component and a reference speech component, e) forms speech signal ratios by dividing the estimated speech components by the estimated reference speech component, f) forms noise signal ratios by dividing the powers of the estimated noise components by the power of the estimated reference noise component, and g) determines the weight factors by dividing each speech signal ratio by the associated noise signal ratio. The signal-to-noise ratio corresponds to the ratio of the power of the speech component to the power of the noise component of the sum signal. Because the speech signals are correlated and noise signals are uncorrelated, the sum signal available on the output of the adder device has a reduced noise component yielding improved speech audibility. Real-time computation of the weight factors eliminates any annoying delay during a conversation held using the speech processing arrangement.
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CT US000004536887A
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