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Dokument EP000002360925A1 (Seiten: 18)

Bibliografische Daten Dokument EP000002360925A1 (Seiten: 18)
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54 Titel TI [DE] Verfahren zur Reduzierung des Rauschens von verrauschten Bildern oder Bildsequenzen
[EN] Method for reducing noise for coding of noisy images or image sequences
[FR] Procédé de réduction de bruit pour coder des images ou séquences d'images bruyantes
71/73 Anmelder/Inhaber PA SIEMENS AG, DE
22/96 Anmeldedatum AD 27.07.2010
21 Anmeldenummer AN 10007801
Anmeldeland AC EP
Veröffentlichungsdatum PUB 24.08.2011
Priorität PRC
51 IPC-Hauptklasse ICM H04N 7/26 (2006.01)
51 IPC-Nebenklasse ICS H04N 7/46 (2006.01)
H04N 7/50 (2006.01)
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Gemeinsame Patentklassifikation CPC H04N 19/117
H04N 19/127
H04N 19/14
H04N 19/154
H04N 19/172
H04N 19/176
H04N 19/182
H04N 19/186
H04N 19/46
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H04N 19/61
H04N 19/82
H04N 19/86
MCD-Hauptklasse MCM H04N 7/26 (2006.01)
MCD-Nebenklasse MCS H04N 7/46 (2006.01)
H04N 7/50 (2006.01)
MCD-Zusatzklasse MCA
57 Zusammenfassung AB [EN] The invention refers to a method for reducing noise for coding of noisy images or image sequences. The invention comprises the steps of adding a prediction error (e q [x, y]) and a predicted frame (f [x, y]) or a predicted block for receiving a decoded frame (g q [x, y]) or a decoded block to be further used in a prediction loop by an encoder (ENC) or to be sent to the output of a decoder (DEC), wherein the reference frame (g q [x, y]) or the reference block (FR) consist of a respective useful signal part and a noise signal part. Furthermore, it comprises the step of denoising of the reference frame (g q [x, y]) or reference block (FR) only with a dedicated noise reducing filter (WF) to reduce or eliminate the noise signal part of the reference frame (g q [x, y]) or reference block (FR).
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