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Dokument DE000019712436A1 (Seiten: 4)

Bibliografische Daten Dokument DE000019712436A1 (Seiten: 4)
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54 Titel TI [DE] Verbindungselement mit integrierter Meeinrichtung zur Anzeige von Zug- und Torsionsspannungen im Verbindungselement
[EN] Connecting component, e.g. screw, bolt, rivet, anchor, etc., with integrated stress meter
71/73 Anmelder/Inhaber PA Orbach, Dieter, Dipl.-Ing., 51789 Lindlar, DE ; Parthy, Kai, Dipl.-Ing., 50823 Kln, DE
72 Erfinder IN Orbach, Dieter, Dipl.-Ing., 51789 Lindlar, DE ; Parthy, Kai, Dipl.-Ing., 50823 Kln, DE
22/96 Anmeldedatum AD 25.03.1997
21 Anmeldenummer AN 19712436
Anmeldeland AC DE
Veröffentlichungsdatum PUB 01.10.1998
Priorität PRC

51 IPC-Hauptklasse ICM G01L 1/00
51 IPC-Nebenklasse ICS G12B 9/00
IPC-Zusatzklasse ICA
IPC-Indexklasse ICI
Gemeinsame Patentklassifikation CPC Neues Fenster: Externer Link Gemeinsame Patentklassifikation G01L 5/24 G01L 5/24
MCD-Hauptklasse MCM
MCD-Nebenklasse MCS G01L 5/24 (2006.01)
MCD-Zusatzklasse MCA
57 Zusammenfassung AB [EN] The component has parts of a measurement device integrated into the head (1), foot or shaft (10) of the component. It is also possible for a complete measurement device to be integrated in the head, foot or shaft of the component. The measurement device serves to register and evaluate the current load and tension situation, or a previous situation. The registering and evaluation is derived from the shape or length alteration of the connecting component for load conditions ranging from 0% up to breakage point. The display or registering device of the measurement device, together with the measurement value converter and the measurement value indicator may all be in the head of the component. The shaft of the component may have at least one hole. The hole may be axially central or axially off-centre in relation to the shaft axis. The hole may also be inclined to the shaft axis.
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