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Dokument DE000003037260A1 (Seiten: 12)

Bibliografische Daten Dokument DE000003037260A1 (Seiten: 12)
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54 Titel TI [DE] Membranpumpe
[EN] Low cost diaphragm pump - with valves in elastomer hose central to plastics tube for pulsating pressure medium supply
71/73 Anmelder/Inhaber PA Baltus, René, 5100 Aachen, DE
72 Erfinder IN Baltus, Rene, 5100 Aachen, DE ; Drescher, Hans-Paul, Dr.-Ing., 5170 Jülich, DE ; Weißfloch, Reinhard, Dr.-Ing., 5100 Aachen, DE
22/96 Anmeldedatum AD 02.10.1980
21 Anmeldenummer AN 3037260
Anmeldeland AC DE
Veröffentlichungsdatum PUB 03.06.1982
Priorität PRC

51 IPC-Hauptklasse ICM F04B 43/10
51 IPC-Nebenklasse ICS
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IPC-Indexklasse ICI
Gemeinsame Patentklassifikation CPC F04B 43/10
MCD-Hauptklasse MCM
MCD-Nebenklasse MCS F04B 43/10 (2006.01)
MCD-Zusatzklasse MCA
57 Zusammenfassung AB [EN] Diaphragm pump, esp. for use in laboratories to pump radioactive, toxic, or otherwise contaminated liquids with a high metering accuracy, consists of a flexible piece of tubing, made of silicone rubber, rubber or other elastomers, with a suction valve at the bottom and a delivery valve at the top. This hose is mounted central in a plastic tube, pref. made of PVC, polyethylene or polypropylene, with a supply pipe through which a pulsating compressed air flow is maintained. The pump can be produced at a cost such that it can be thrown away after a few uses and need not be cleaned.
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