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Dokument CN000001627623A (Seiten: 9)

Bibliografische Daten Dokument CN000001627623A (Seiten: 9)
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54 Titel TI [EN] Magnetic force engine of pure permanent magnet
71/73 Anmelder/Inhaber PA LI RUISHEN, CN
72 Erfinder IN LI RUISHEN, CN
22/96 Anmeldedatum AD 29.01.2004
21 Anmeldenummer AN 200410003093
Anmeldeland AC CN
Veröffentlichungsdatum PUB 15.06.2005
Priorität PRC

51 IPC-Hauptklasse ICM H02N 11/00
51 IPC-Nebenklasse ICS
IPC-Zusatzklasse ICA
IPC-Indexklasse ICI
Gemeinsame Patentklassifikation CPC
MCD-Hauptklasse MCM
MCD-Nebenklasse MCS H02N 11/00 (2006.01)
MCD-Zusatzklasse MCA
57 Zusammenfassung AB [EN] Wall of annular permanent magnet of stator is in structure of interphase N pole and S pole. On outer wall of semicircular magnetic brush made from permanent magnet distributed on rotating shaft symmetrically, S pole is in semi-circle and N pole is in semi-circle. Poles on the said outer wall as well as N poles and S poles on wall of stator constitute closed path of magnetic line. Experiment proves that closed poles lose property of magnetic pole. Thus, semi-circle of wall of stator is as N pole, and other semi-circle is as S pole. When rotor is installed, the middle position of magnet pole of permanent magnet on wall of stator is perpendicular to working magnet pole of rotor, and being moved synchronistically no mater the rotor rotates how many angles. Experiment proves that rotor can rotate 90 degrees forward at any position.
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